Diary of an Uber Driver: News from the Street

Not all my passengers provide me with fodder to write about wild adventures across Sydney’s suburbs. Most passengers, however, do get in my car with an opinion on what is happening in their world. Here is a snapshot of this weeks three most talked about topics from the street:

3 – Trumpzilla Continues to Dominate Headlines

Australia’s ‘Human Headline’ Derryn Hinch is a mere footnote in comparison to the media dominating juggernaut that is Donald J. Trump. He was at it again this week, claiming his opponent Hillary Clinton only wins votes because she is a woman and is playing ‘the women’s card’.

Out of close to fifty conversations with passengers this week I found only one Trump supporter, a woman in her early thirties, who said:

“Hell yeah I’d vote for Trump! We need someone like him in Australia. We’ve become China’s little play toy and a dumping ground for the Middle East.”

In stark comparison and definitely the most animated quote of the day came from a twenty-five year-old advertising account manager in Surry Hills, who said:

“Trump is a Daddy’s boy with Mummy issues, failed businessman wanker, who appeals to the lowest common denominator voter looking for scapegoats like Mexicans and Muslims to blame for their own pathetic shortcomings.”

What do you think?


  1. The Most Controversial Property Market on Earth

Whether you love him or hate him, The Project’s Waleed Aly certainly gets people talking with his breakdown and analysis of complex issues. This week he tackled negative gearing, which is shaping up to be a key debate in this year’s Federal Election:

Almost every passenger had an opinion this week on negative gearing and its effect on Australia’s controversial property market. More than 60% of riders think negative gearing should be scrapped because it is locking an entire generation out of the property market. The strongest opinion in favour of removing the policy came from a sixty year-old businessman from Sydney’s East who has personally benefited from negative gearing:

“I’ve bought properties over the years on the advice of my accountant to help minimize my tax. I didn’t see anything wrong with it at the time. It doesn’t sit so well with me now I realise how much it has driven up house prices and how hard it is for young families to get into the market.”

On the other side of the coin the argument centred on young Australians inability to save enough money to buy a property. A young woman in her late twenties from Summer Hill recently bought her first property and has a few choice words for those who think buying a house in Sydney is unattainable:

“Honestly, I ate two minute noodles for a year and a half, didn’t have a single drink and haven’t booked any holidays. Most people don’t have the discipline to save their arse off to buy a house. They’re out spending their money on fancy dinners and the latest iPhone.”

What do you think?


  1. UberX at The Airport

“Why the hell can’t UberX pick me up from the airport?”

For the fifty-third week running the hottest topic from my Uber is the restriction on UberX drivers to pick up passengers from Australia’s airports. Many passengers have figured out the loophole, which involves setting your pick-up beacon outside the airport and then calling your driver to reveal your real location. I learned this trick from a couple of students who flew in to Sydney from Atlanta more than a year ago.

Here are a collection of the best quotes regarding the matter from my car this week:

“If taxis want an even playing ground then UberX should be able to pick up from the airport.”

“Nothing worse than coming home on an international flight and having to line up for a taxi. Why can’t UberX pick up?”

What do you think?



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