Diary of an Uber Driver

Just drive……

My name is Ben Phillips and for many years I was an Uber Driver. In that time i was was fortunate enough to enjoy an intimate glimpse into the lives of ordinary people around Sydney — from their morning routines to their despair after a date gone wrong, the trip out to the city and the drunken ride home afterwards.  I acted as a sounding board, took the rap for loud music, saw people at their finest and weakest, and most importantly got to observe a cast of thoroughly extraordinary characters that make a big metropolis. I never envisioned sharing my stories with the world would lead to anything more than a few laughs from close friends and family.

My blog, Diary of an Uber Driver, is now a best selling book with Harper Collins and a critically acclaimed TV drama on the ABC in Australia.


  1. Your writings inspired me to become an Uber driver/partner so I used your code. One and a half weeks in and I have quite the variety though no miniature menaces yet though I’m sure I’ll get them soon; I hope you get some bonus out of me signing up using your code!


    • This message made my day. I hope you enjoy driving for Uber. I received exactly the same bonus you did. Thank you very much Donny. You’re a legend!


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